HEAL’s mission is for our holistic therapy courses to provide every one of our students with an advanced theoretical insight, excellent practical ability, keen self-awareness and an accredited qualification in the holistic therapy of their choice, ultimately empowering them to run a successful holistic therapy practice of their own.

Our Vision

Our vision is that, once qualified, all of our students will greatly benefit the health of their clients while also enjoying a greater understanding of their own mental and physical state, along with immense job satisfaction and a good work-life balance.

In order to achieve our mission our teachers are fully qualified, accredited practitioners using modern accelerated learning techniques and drawing on their own healing and entrepreneurial experiences to provide the best possible holistic education and advice.

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60 Second interview with Hareth Al Tahan

HEAL's Accredited Teacher and Founder

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Hareth AlTahan

I had a serious illness and traditional medicine let me down so I simply wasn’t getting better. I was lucky enough to be introduced to holistic therapy and I made a swift and full recovery.

Certificate and Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology, Diplomas in Integrative Counselling and NLP, ITEC Diploma in Massage, Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition, Guild Certificate in Adult Teaching and a Certificate in Spiritual Healing and Reiki level 3.

From my experiences as both student and teacher of the Kinesiology course, I had developed a unique viewpoint about how the course could be improved. I began contemplating the possibility of a new modern way of teaching the Kinesiology courses and potentially many other holistic therapy courses. No school was offering students the option to study all the essential additional courses such as Anatomy & Physiology and First Aid and Nutrition all under the same roof. We realised that by using modern accelerated learning techniques and offering students all the academic and practical tools necessary to become a qualified and successful holistic therapy practitioner, we could help them to qualify more easily and more quickly in a genuinely stimulating and forward thinking environment. More than that we realised we could create a thriving community of therapists who could support and learn from one another as well as from us and ultimately offer the best possible service to their clients and contribute positively to the changing face of modern medicine.
Holistic therapy is a highly effective (and slightly rebellious!) alternative to the paradigm and confines of conventional medicine. It gently heals both the body and the mind allowing both practitioner and client to lead a healthy and enlightened life. I love the intricate connection between mind and body and the absence of side effects in the gentle and effective nature of holistic treatment, which is reflected in the holistic Hippocratic Oath, “do no harm”.

Putting ideas across to our HEAL students simply and effectively so everyone gets it!

As holistic therapy had such an wonderfully positive effect on me when I was ill myself, I decided to make it my vocation so I could help others in the same way.
The immense job atisfaction. It’s great to see how happy and grateful clients are when holistic therapy gives them their health back. Watching people develop and change themselves and their lives for the better and knowing that you have helped them achieve this.

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