HEAL Kinesiology Foundation Course

HEAL Kinesiology Foundation Course

What is the HEAL Kinesiology Foundation Course?

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  • A professionally accredited course, the Kinesiology National Occupational Standards Award (KNOS)
  • Taught by fully qualified and experienced Kinesiology practitioners
  • Using cutting edge accelerated learning techniques
  • Taught over 6 weekends (or 12 days)
  • Giving our students a recognised professional qualification in Kinesiology and allowing them to add Kinesiology to any existing therapy they practice. For example a chiropractor who has passed the HEAL Foundation Course could advertise their services as Chriopractic with Kinesiology.
  • The Foundation course teaches you all about the 42 muscles in the body and shows you how to detect energy imbalances in in the Biochemical, Emotional, Energetic and Structural frameworks of the body. To give just a few examples:
  • Biochemical
    • Improving breathing
    • Testing for food allergies and intolerances, sensitivities – how what
    • Nutritional balancing
  • Emotional
    • Causes and effects of emotional stress, fears, phobias and anxiety
    • Learning Difficulties
    • Self Esteem
  • Energetic
    • Keeping the body’s different energies in balance
    • Working with Meridians
  • Structural
    • Relieving muscle pain
    • Improving breathing
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Why study the Kinesiology Foundation with HEAL?

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  • The HEAL Kinesiology Foundation Course is 6 weekends long and other providers’ Foundation courses are generally only 4 weekends long. So, you learn more on the HEAL Foundation, giving you more knowledge and better value for money.
  • If you study your Kinesiology Foundation Course at HEAL you will not need to take any additional course in order to enrol for your Kinesiology Diploma.
  • If however, you take the Kinesiology Foundation at an academy other than HEAL you will usually need to take an additional 2 weekend course before taking the Kinesiology Diploma.
  • So, the fastest and most cost effective way to become a Kinesiologist is to study with us here at HEAL and take the HEAL Kinesiology Foundation, HEAL Kinesiology Diploma, HEAL Anatomy & Physiology and HEAL Nutrition and First Aid courses, all with us.
  • HEAL is the only holistic therapy academy in the UK that offers all the courses you require to become a qualified Kinesiology practitioner in one location, with the same teachers and accelerated learning techniques at each level.
  • This makes life much easier for our students as the teaching is of a consistently high standard, there is no additional travelling and no additional costs. .
  • The HEAL Kinesiology Foundation course prepares you academically, practically AND entrepreneurially so that you are completely ready to start the Kinesiology Diploma and become a qualified Kinesiologist.
  • At HEAL our Holistic Therapy Courses are less expensive than those of our main competitors, so you get to save money while getting a great holistic education.
Heal who makes a good kinesiologyist?

Who Makes a Good Kinesiologist?

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Any person from any background can make a good kinesiologist. The following attributes are helpful:

  • The desire to help people
  • A calm disposition
  • An interest in and understanding of human anatomy and psychology
  • Self-awareness
  • Being a good listener
  • Being non-judgemental and open minded
  • A high level of empathy
  • The ability to create a safe space in which clients feel they can share private thoughts and feelings and personal details
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • The ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms
  • What are the benefits of being a Kinesiologist?

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      • A great work-life balance

      • The opportunity to be your own boss

      • Helping others to fulfil their physical and psychological potential

      • Immense job satisfaction

      • A good salary

      • Becoming part of the changing face of modern medicine and spreading the word about holistic therapy

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    What Careers are available to you with a HEAL Kinesiology Foundation Course Qualification?

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    • It is essential for you to gain your Kinesiology Foundation course before you enrol on a Kinesiology Diploma course in order to qualify as a professional practising Kinesiologist
    • Take the HEAL Kinesiology Diploma and run your own Kinesiology practice or work in another practitioner’s practice.
    • Take up a position in kinesiology cognitive and behavioural research.
    • Work in the fitness industry
    • Work in an industrial environment
    • Go on to take a Teaching Foundation Course and teach other holistic therapy students

    What are the Course Dates for 2022/23?

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    • The HEAL Kinesiology Foundation Course is taught as a series of modules. There are 3 options
    • 1) 6 weekends Saturday and Sunday 10 till 6.
    • 2) 1 day per week for 12 weeks on Thursdays 10 til 6.
    • 3) An intensive 2 week retreat.
    • Call Hareth now on +44 (0)7906 614759 for details of this course.
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    How Much Does it Cost to get an accredited Kinesiology Foundation qualification with HEAL?

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    • The Kinesiology Foundation Course consists of 6 course modules held over 6 weekends and gives you a full practitioner’s qualification.
    • The cost for the full course is £1,395.00
    HEAL Kinesiology Foundation Course
    Call Hareth now on
    +44 (0)7906 614759

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