Kinesiology Diploma Course

Kinesiology Diploma Course

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Kinesiology Diploma Course

What is Kinesiology?

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  • Kinesiology or human kinetics is the scientific study of human movement and the meridian system and application of practical exercises to detect and correct energetic imbalances in the body.

  • It addresses physiological, mechanical and psychological mechanisms and it's applications include biomechanics, orthopaedics, rehabilitation after illness or injury and improvement in sports and exercise performance.

  • Kinesiology can also help practitioners and clients improve performance and achieve long term goals in all areas of life including at work or home, in sports, at school or in your personal relationships.

What is the HEAL Kinesiology Diploma?

  • A professionally accredited course

  • Taught by fully qualified and experienced kinesiology practitioners

  • Using cutting edge accelerated learning techniques

  • Taught over 12 weekends

  • Giving our students an accredited professional qualification to practice kinesiology

  • The course modules are:

    • Emotional /energetical

    • NLP/Counselling

    • Endocrine 1

    • Digestion/ICV

    • Immune/Allergies

    • Structural/Emotional

    • Vibrational and subtle energies

    • Hypothalmus and Cerebellar techniques

    • Cranials

    • Structural

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Why study the Kinesiology Diploma with HEAL?

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  • HEAL is the only holistic therapy academy in the UK that offers all the courses you require to become a qualified Kinesiology practitioner in one location, with the same teachers and accelerated learning techniques. This makes life much easier for our students as the teaching is of a consistently high standard, there is no additional travelling and no additional costs.

  • The full range of courses required to get your Diploma are Kinesiology Foundation, Kinesiology Diploma, Anatomy & Physiology, Massage, NLP and Counselling, Nutrition and First Aid.

  • The HEAL Kinesiology Diploma course prepares you academically, practically AND entrepreneurially so that you can set up your own successful kinesiology practice once you complete the course.

  • At HEAL our Holistic Therapy Courses are less expensive than those of our main competitors, so you get to save money while getting a great holistic education. (CHECK TASK and ASK)

Who Makes a Good Kinesiologist?

Any person from any background can make a good kinesiologist. The following attributes are helpful:

  • The desire to help people

  • A calm disposition

  • An interest in and understanding of human anatomy and psychology

  • Self-awareness

  • Being a good listener

  • Being non-judgemental and open minded

  • A high level of empathy

  • The ability to create a safe space in which clients feel they can share private thoughts and feelings and personal details

  • Entrepreneurial skills

  • The ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms

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What are the benefits of being a Kinesiologist?

  • A great work-life balance

  • The opportunity to be your own boss

  • Helping others to fulfil their physical and psychological potential

  • Immense job satisfaction

  • A good salary

  • Becoming part of the changing face of modern medicine and spreading the word about holistic therapy

What Careers are available to you with a HEAL Kinesiology Diploma Qualification?

  • Run your own Kinesiology practice or work in another practitioner's practice.

  • Take up a position in kinesiology cognitive and behavioural research.

  • Work in the fitness industry

  • Work in an industrial environment

  • Go on to take a teaching diploma and teach other holistic therapy students

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What are the Course Dates for 2016?

  • The official intake for the HEAL Kinesiology Diploma is January 2016

  • The great news is that with HEAL, you can start your course at any time of the year that's convenient for you!

  • As a result of the brilliant accelerated learning techniques we use and our unique course structure, you can begin your Diploma with any of the course modules in any month of the year and then continue until you have done all the modules.

How Much Does it Cost to get an accredited qualification with HEAL?

  • The Kinesiology Diploma consists of 12 course modules held over 12 weekends and gives you a full practitioner's qualification.

  • The cost for the Diploma modules is £295 per module.


22 January 2015


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About HEAL

HEAL’s mission is for our holistic therapy courses to provide every one of our students with an advanced theoretical insight, excellent practical ability, keen self-awareness and an accredited qualification in the holistic therapy of their choice, ultimately empowering them to run a successful holistic therapy practice of their own.

Our vision is that, once qualified, all of our students will greatly benefit the health of their clients while also enjoying a greater understanding of their own mental and physical state, along with immense job satisfaction and a good work-life balance.

In order to achieve our mission our teachers are fully qualified, accredited practitioners using modern accelerated learning techniques and drawing on their own healing and entrepreneurial experiences to provide the best possible holistic education and advice.