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HEAL ITEC Massage Course Level 3

What is Massage?

  • Massage is the manual or mechanical application of pressure and manipulation of both superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue in the body.

  • The purpose of massage is to enhance the body's internal and external functions, help the healing process after an injury or illness and promote general relaxation and well-being.

  • Massage aids circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduces scar tissue, depression and anxiety, increases joint flexibility and alleviates back pain, relaxes the whole body and releases the body's natural feel-good chemicals endorphins.

What are the benefits of learning Massage?

  • Being able to give massage therapy to clients such as adults, children and babies and your loved ones

  • Helping others to destress and lead a more relaxed, happy and productive lifestlye

  • Becoming part of the changing face of modern medicine and spreading the word about holistic and associated therapies

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What is the HEAL Holistic Therapy Massage Course?

  • A professionally accredited ITEC Level 3 course and an important module for people studying the Kinesiology Practitioners' Diploma.

  • Taught by fully qualified and experienced massage practitioners

  • Using cutting edge accelerated learning techniques

  • 10 Saturday afternoons spread over 10 weeks of tuition

  • The course modules are:

    1. History of Massage

    2. Anatomy for Massage

    3. Massage Techniques

    4. Effects and Benefits of Massage Therapy

    5. Professional Conduct

    6. Treating Stress through Massage

    7. Lymphatic Drainage

    8. Massage for Babies and Children

    9. Stone Therapy Massage

    10. Indian Head Massage

    11. Sports Massage

    12. Complimentary Holistic Therapies

Who Makes a Good Massage Therapist?

Any person from any background can make a good Massage Therapist. The following attributes are helpful:

  • The desire to help people

  • A calm disposition

  • An interest in and understanding of human anatomy and psychology

  • Self-awareness

  • Being a good listener

  • Being non-judgemental and open minded

  • A high level of empathy

  • The ability to create a safe space in which clients feel they can share private thoughts and feelings and personal details

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Why study the Massage with HEAL?

  • HEAL tutors are fully qualified with a teacher training certificate and an ITEC 3 in Massage

  • HEAL is the only accredited Holistic Therapy academy majoring in Kinesiology where you can also gain your Massage ITEC 3 qualification

  • HEAL's accelerated learning techniques allow you to learn more quickly and efficiently in a way that suits your learning style meaning that our student success rate is very high.

  • To maintain your accreditation as a Holistic Therapist you are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development Modules and the HEAL Massage Course counts towards this CPD. In addition any of the other weekend modules on the Kinesiology Diploma will count towards 2 days CPD.

What Careers are available to you with a HEAL Massage Qualification?

  • The HEAL Massage Course is an excellent foundation for a career in massage.You can then go on to study various types of Massage including Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Thai, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Pregnancy and Sports Massage. All of these can be studied for fun to enrich your life or as a new career.

  • There are numerous complementary and mainstream health clinics and spas in the UK that have vacancies for massage therapists, or you could consider setting up your own mobile or practice based Massage business.

  • You can add new therapies such as Nutrition, Counselling, NLP and Kinesiology to your HEAL Massage course in order to broaden the services you can offer your growing client base.

  • You can go on to take further courses and teach other people Massage techniques.

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What are the HEAL Massage Course Dates for 2018?

  • The HEAL Massage ITEC 3 Course is taught as a series of modules on Thursday afternoons spread over 10 weeks.

Call Hareth now on 07906 614759 for details of this course.

How Much Does it Cost to get an accredited ITEC 3 Massage qualification with HEAL?

The ITEC 3 HEAL Massage course is £595.

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About HEAL

HEAL’s mission is for our holistic therapy courses to provide every one of our students with an advanced theoretical insight, excellent practical ability, keen self-awareness and an accredited qualification in the holistic therapy of their choice, ultimately empowering them to run a successful holistic therapy practice of their own.

Our vision is that, once qualified, all of our students will greatly benefit the health of their clients while also enjoying a greater understanding of their own mental and physical state, along with immense job satisfaction and a good work-life balance.

In order to achieve our mission our teachers are fully qualified, accredited practitioners using modern accelerated learning techniques and drawing on their own healing and entrepreneurial experiences to provide the best possible holistic education and advice.