HEAL Kinesiology Testimonials

I can not recommend Hareth highly enough!
Hareth has been my practitioner for over a decade and such has been my admiration for his abilities that when I decided to qualify in Kinesiology it was my first wish that he would be my tutor. I can not recommend him highly enough. He is natural teacher and his skill and wealth of knowledge ensures that the student receives a detailed and rounded education in the subject so that ones feels extremely confident to begin practice.
Pia Barratt
Professional Kinesiologist
I experience an immediate improvement!
Every time I’ve seen Hareth for a session when I have been experiencing an imbalance emotionally/physically I experience an immediate improvement in my energy/wellbeing and feel fully supported.  I also leave with practical tools to maintain the equilibrium.
Emma Pullen

Hareth has rebalanced and removed the obstacles causing the problems!
I have been seeing Hareth periodically for the last 10 years. I believe he is the sole reason I have not had to see a GP in that time. Each time my issues have been diagnosed as being caused by emotional and physical stress and each time Hareth has rebalanced and removed the obstacles causing the problems. I am hugely grateful for his in-depth and patient approach to finding the obstacle and the best way to resolve it
Jane Emma
I often recommend Hareth to my patients!
Hareth has played an important role in supporting my family’s health and well-being for the last 15 years.
I hugely value his naturopathic knowledge & kinesiology expertise.
He is a natural born healer.
As a homeopath I often recommend him to my patients.
Didi Wills

Hareth listens carefully to his clients!

IHareth is a very professional and respected Kinesiology practitioner. He has years of experience in various holistic practices and his knowledge is impressive.

I saw Hareth with a few concerns – knee and leg pain, hair loss and a few emotional family issues. He explained the mind and body connection very clearly and helped alleviate each issue with a variety of kinesiology techniques. He listens carefully to his clients and provides relevant information to help the client recover with great success. 

I always left each treatment with more understanding and awareness of my own health, which has allowed me to progress towards better physical and mental health.”

Anindita Gupta
Professional Kinesiologist
Hareth’s style of teaching is informative!
I have studied the Kinesiology Diploma with Hareth. His style of teaching is informative, with detailed descriptions and examples, including a much wider breadth of holistic knowledge to enhance learning. He is extremely meticulous about teaching the practical and technical aspects of the diploma. I enjoyed the entire process of studying the diploma, and gained more knowledge than would be normally taught in a diploma. I am now a confident Kinesiology practitioner thanks to Hareth!
Anindita Gupta
Professional Kinesiologist

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